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One of the most powerful books I've ever read. Though I was a bit uneasy about the title, it was the content that fully sold me on the notion that this book was not only for me, but about me. Great job Mr. Gray!! The book is awesome!


Rodney "King" Brooks

Author The Crown Jewels


Darren, I read your book, ALL of your book. The concepts that you put forth in your book are so right that they can't be wrong.  The facts and statistics that you put forth on the African American/Negro/Black community cannot be denied. If we supported each other instead of tearing each other down, then maybe we could do a better job of achieving the goals you set forth in your "Letter."



Finally I get the points you were trying to make with the word Nigger. I grew up hearing and using the word, but after Learning the true nature of the word I don't like using it and don't like hearing it any more; Today, our community still uses it and thus we are stripping our power from ourselves.


Strong Mixed Feelings,

-Neil V. Adams


When I first became aware of this letter to Niggers I flatly refused to have anything to do with it. Thankfully the author convinced me to read it. Once I began to read I realized this was a letter that was very necessary. What it did for me is take ALL negative connotations from the word itself but more than that it gave me a sense of pride and hope! Totally wasnt expecting THAT! This letter will challenge you on many levels and has layers that when pulled back reveal real-life solutions to real-life situations! This letter is a must read for anyone looking to neutralize the negativity that is associated with being a so called Nigger!


                                                           -Joyce W. Haynes                        


                                                                                                                   -Joyce Haynes

"A Letter To Niggers is just that, a letter to those who have forgotten that slavery started in the mind first and is still an illness which continues to debilitate the progeny of our ancestors. This book expresses not only the struggle, but also a proposed plan for removing the noose. The only anecdote is to wake up to consciousness. Harsh, but real. This is truth with no chaser."


- Alaina L Lewis

This is the complicated truth completely original and uncensored!     -G.G


"This book comes at the percise moment for the African American"

                                                      Patrick Fitzgerald Smiley

The change I wish to see in the world.
                                                                             -Carlton Frost


An extraordinary letter that Black Folks need to read and re-read inorder to become released from the willie lynch mindset.

This is like an anthem for black people. Very honest foward and mind blowing. Something to actually make you think about your position in life and why you're here. This book was like riding a rollercoaster of knowledge and I for one am glad to have bought a ticket!!!!



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